Why PYCO is the Safer Way to Manage Petty Cash On Set

Running a film production is hectic at the best of times. And COVID-19 has created even more complex challenges for filmmakers, especially when it comes to managing their cash onset. The general guidelines for maintaining safety onset seem pretty straightforward:

  • Use appropriate social distancing practices
  • Maintain good personal hygiene
  • Have the cast and crew use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

But we know that film sets can get pretty busy. Minimizing direct and indirect contact with people is a lot harder than it might seem to someone who has never worked in the entertainment industry. This is especially true for managing petty cash and receipts.

Traditional (dare we say…old fashioned) ways of managing petty cash on set required people to use envelopes of actual cold hard cash to make their purchases. They collect paper receipts from their cash purchases, and then return them to the producer, who would then input the data into a spreadsheet.

Having a literal paper-trail to track petty cash is tiresome, time-consuming. But that’s also a lot of grubby hands on really grubby paper. In all seriousness, this is a process that now compromises your team’s safety during the era of COVID-19. Add to this the fact that you’re going to need to hire additional COVID-19 coordination personnel on set, and buy more PPE gear to keep your team safe. That means more petty cash expenses, and yes, more complications to keep everyone safe.

You need a better, safer way to track your cash onset. One way to elevate the safety of your set is to virtually manage your money. And a simple way to do this is to use an app like PYCO. The PYCO app lets you digitally track your petty cash spending in real-time. PYCO also offers virtual petty cash cards that can be created immediately for short turnaround times on fast-moving productions. Virtual cash cards can be used for both in person and online purchases. If an instore purchase is necessary, PYCO cards can be added to digital wallets for touchless payment methods, like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Once you sign up for the PYCO app, setting up your petty cash account is easy:

  • Create a production in the app and invite the relevant crew members to the platform
  • Digital cash cards are sent to the members through our secure phone system
  • Your team makes purchases with the cards and photographs receipts
  • PYCO sends the receipts and purchase information to producers and accountants


Everything with PYCO is touch-less and safe. You can track your spending with greater accuracy AND reduce contact between your team. It’s a WIN-WIN! Better still, all financial reporting can be shared with new team members and accountants. If you have to deal with an unexpected personnel shift, PYCO has you covered.

Times are tough. We all need ways to minimize our workload, maximize our efficiency and keep everyone safe. PYCO helps you streamline production accounting by tracking your petty cash so you can stay focussed on what’s important. Keeping your production on target, and keeping your team safe. PYCO helps you do both. Receive a complimentary production code in your email when you sign up for PYCO for free today!

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