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Frequently Asked Questions

PYCO offers a new solution to a very old problem — managing petty cash during film production. User friendly and easy to install, we help you manage the money so you can focus on your project.

PYCO is a web application. You don’t have to install it on your computer! You simply use it through a web browser, like Chrome. We also have an iPhone app that you can download for free. If you feel like you need a little extra guidance, check out our support docs, or book a demo with a PYCO representative.

Yes! You can use PYCO on any internet connected device — computer, tablet and, of course, a smartphone. We also have an iPhone app that is free to download that has some extra cool features like OCR!

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is a technology that allows computers to analyze a photo for text. If text is found in an image, the computer can utilize the found text for information processing. PYCO’s iPhone app utilizes OCR technology so you can quickly submit receipts without needing to type the receipt data into a submission form. Submitting receipts with the PYCO iPhone app’s OCR tool is the fastest way to submit receipts! You can learn more about how to use our OCR on our support page.

PYCO accommodates production teams of all sizes. Have your team members set up a PYCO account and invite them to your project with their email address. It’s that simple!

With PYCO there are no limits.  You can run as many productions through the app as you need, which makes it a great tool to track your spending while also getting a more global picture of your petty cash management. This gives you valuable insight to streamline your processes across multiple projects.

All expenses are tracked by uploading a picture of a receipt into the app. When you take a picture, PYCO will automatically read the financial data on the receipt using OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

Your data is your data, forever! Unlike other apps, PYCO does not require a subscription. When you set up a production through PYCO, you have unlimited access to your data forever without any additional costs.

Of course! We offer support for both non-episodic and episodic productions. Set up an episodic production to segment and track your petty cash budget across multiple episodes with ultimate precision.

You purchase a PYCO production code so you can redeem it to set up a production within the software. The code is a unique set of numbers and characters that is good for a one-time redemption. All you need to do is identify your budget size when purchasing your code, and we take care of the rest!

We’re committed to making things as easy as possible for our clients. To get more information about a specific problem or question, check out our support docs. Or, get in touch with our support team via email. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Yes! And you can use it for free! There’s a special place in our hearts for aspiring filmmakers and artists. To use PYCO for a student project, send us proof of enrollment and/or school partnership, and we’ll set you up with a free production.

Fewer hassles. More time. Better budgeting.

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